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     Tom Swearengen, founder of TS Flightlines and Steve Tschurwald, founder of

Aircraft Specialty, are proud to announce the world's FIRST and ONLY Conductive Teflon hose retrofit kit for theRotax 912 engine.

Our complete kit is designed to be a direct aftermarket replacement for the Rotax 912 fuel hoses in the RV-12, with more kits for other airframes to follow in the future.


1.  NO MANDATORY 5 YEAR HOSE REPLACEMENT -  Being Conductive Teflon, these hoses

     have no maximum rated life.  They don't deteriorate like the standard Rotax hoses do,

     and are also impervious to all fuels and fuel additives.

​2.  We supply conversion fitting to ELIMINATE ALL ROTAX PROPRIETARY fittings.
     We convert your entire engine to industry standard 37 degree flare fittings that will
     allow field replacement of any hoses with AN standard aircraft hardware.

3.  Our entire kit has been designed to use Stainless Steel and Steel replacement fittings
    where appropriate to give superior strength and fire resistance to your installation.

4.  EVERY hose in this kit is pressure tested to ensure strength and conformity.  In addition,
     these hoses are designed to operate under continuous loads of 2,500-3,000 psi every

     day all day long. Your engine will be running at a pressure of around 5-6 psi.

     This ensures an unprecedented safety margin in your aircraft.

5.  10 YEAR INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY on your hoses.  If you have ANY problems in

      your first 10 years, we will replace your hose at no charge.  We are that confident in

      the quality of this setup.

6.  We include a complete instruction manual with step by step installation pictures for
     installation simplicity.  In addition, we are always only an email or phone call away to    
     help support you with any questions you have on your installation.

We are excited to be able to offer this kit at an INCREDIBLE INTRODUCTORY PRICE of $599.95.  Please feel free to contact Tom at, or Steve at for more information.  All instruction manuals, videos, and ordering information are available on our websites.