Customer REviews

Here's what people are saying about TS FLightlines Hose assemblies

"I recently needed three custom fuel line hoses for my RV6.  Based on the positive comments I had previously seen on VAF, I emailed Tom Swearengen at TS Flightline the specifics for what I needed one evening.  I had an email response the next morning with a price quote in my inbox.  Three days later the hoses were in my mailbox courtesy of PayPal and USPS Priority Mail.  Not bad service considering I am in Phoenix, AZ and TS Flightlines is in South Carolina.

Based on the rapid response, the quality of the finished hoses and how easy it was to get exactly what I wanted, if you are in need of fuel Lines built for your project, give TS Flightlines a call."


 Tom has made quite a few hoses for me, all have been top notch and delivered in record time."

Walt Aronow, Dallas, TX  (52F), RV7A, I0360, C/S, 1400+hrs

In fairness right up front, TS Flightlines is a sponsor of our Team.
That said, he takes a genuine interest in your problem and will find a solution and it will be correct. Thanks Tom for all you do for us and the RV community.  All good service needs to be recognized in this day and age."

​Jerry "Widget" Morris
Team AeroDynamix

"I ordered my cabin fuel and brake hoses from Tom earlier this year and was very pleased with the whole experience. Being my indecisive self, I later decided to change to fuel injection and therefore had to replace my fuel pump. Naturally, this meant I needed to change one of the hoses also. I contacted Tom who sent me new fittings so I could do a mock-up of what I needed. I made the mock-up from one of the hoses that was no longer any use to me and sent it back to him. Rather than make a whole new hose, he was able to use the hose I sent him by shortening it and changing one of the end fittings. I  received it back in the mail yesterday, got it reinstalled last night and it fits great. What I didn't find in the box was a invoice for his work. I emailed him this morning asking him to send me a invoice. He replied that he must have "forgotten" to include it. He said something about how I had already paid him once, so need to pay him again. What a guy! I'll be sending him a check anyway, because vendors such as this need to be rewarded. Thanks Tom!"

Bill Settle

"Another Kudos going out to Tom with TS Flightlines.

I ordered several lines before my first flight last year from Tom when I was doing the final finish of my project. I had changed to the EFII pump and was trying to clean up the installation. Here I am a year later and 100 hours on the system and during the condition inspection I decided I wanted to make things just fit perfect. I snapped a pic on my iphone and emailed it to Tom. It was dark out and as I climbed out of the plane my phone goes off with an answer from Tom. I called him and discussed my issue and he made his suggestions. A few days later I am fixed!.
When I build again I will do all my lines with Tom. You just cannot beat his service and quality of product."
Thanks Tom!

Daryl Tolliver