The first half of Summer 2016 was very busy for TS Flightlines, and our partner company Aircraft Specialty.  In addition to building a lot of hoses, we have been working on several projects.  We have finalized hose and rigid tube packages for the Van's RV14, and RV14A, for cabin brakes and fuel systems.  Brake hoses are stainless braid teflon, and the fuel system is 50520 aluminum, CNC bent rigid tubing, conforming to the stock plans.  We even created a set for use with an Andair Duplex fuel selector valve, for those injected engines requiring full fuel return.

We've been working with Zenith Aircraft to design a Firewall Forward hose package for their conversion to UL Power.  This package is in beta testing now, and will be available to Zenith in the very near future.  Updating our RV8 cabin fuel hose and tube design has been very successful.  With the release of the new version Airflow Performance fuel pump, some changes in plumbing were required.  We are making some changes in the hose routings for the Andair selector valve.  Our intent is to transition the to 50520 aluminum rigid tube, CNC bent for install.  To do this, we are planning on making a partial cabin mock up of the selector valve area to make the patterns of the rigid tubes.  We plan on making a similar mock up for the RV7/7A models, and perhaps one for RV10's.

​We've had numerous inquires about making a standardized hose package for FT60 Fuel Flow Transducers on Lycoming engines.  We have completed a lot of different installs with various locations and hose lengths. We plan to consolidate all of these into 3 optional locations, and hose packages.

And, YES we attended Airventure 2016 in Oshkosh, WI.  It was an awesome trip and adventure. TS Flightlines and Aircraft Spruce and Speciality entered into an agreement to distribute our kit packages through THEIR network.  Aircraft Spruce is a world leader in aircraft parts and supplies for Experimental and General Aviation aircraft.  They have a distribution network to more than 60 countries.  We are extremely proud to have entered into this agreement knowing that
​TS Flightlines will reach even more potential clients across the globe.

TS Flightlines continues to work on new packages and by this Fall/Winter 2016 we will have exciting news to share. 

Stay tuned. 




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​​We fabricate professional-grade fluidlines for fuel, oil, and brake assemblies for experimental aircraft. With 30 years in the hose assembly business, our goal is to provide kitplane builders and mechanics with quality-built, fully tested assemblies.Our fluidlines are some of the most reliable in the industry.

​​Please contact us for a quote at or simply call 843-271-2329.

Custom work is our specialty.

TS FLIGHTLINES is a hose fabrication facility that makes custom assemblies for virtually any experimental aircraft. With 30 years in the hose assembly business, we started TS Flightlines to assist kit builders and mechanics with quality, tested assemblies. Orders for single pieces or multiple assemblies are WELCOME! We offer a very fast turn around; generally the same day. We also have mobile operations allowing us to travel to our customers for special requests.

Custom Kit planes are as unique as their builders. Different locations for different accessories make the use of standard-length assemblies virtually impossible. Rigid tube assemblies are equally as difficult. We provide professional quality assemblies as an economical alternative to FAA-certified assemblies.

Our Teflon hoses are industrial quality from aerospace manufacturers. For most assemblies, our .030 conductive lined stainless steel braided hose is excellent. We offer a .040 conductive lined assembly as well. Firewall forward assemblies are firesleeve protected with stainless steel bands and ALL assemblies are pressure tested to a minimum of 3000 psi. 

Standard fittings are all stainless steel, with options of aluminum or plated steel. Aluminum, steel, or stainless steel adapters are available. Rigid tube assemblies of aluminum and stainless steel are custom fabricated to your specifications. 

FAA Advisory Circular 20-7N suggests visual and pressure tests for engine hoses each 100 hours of operation and replacement at engine overhaul or every 5 years, whichever comes first. Teflon lined hose has an unlimited service life. We do recommend however, that you inspect your hoses for abrasions or other possible defects.